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In a world full of tyranny and strife, one nation decides to rise above it all. One nation takes the great leap towards something the world of Golarion has not seen before.

This nation is Andoran, the world’s first democracy.

This is an upcoming Pathfinder campaign using maptool. It will take place in the official Pathfinder Campaign Setting of Golarion in the nation of Andoran, the world’s first experiment with democracy. The setting is essentially, a fantasy version of early 18th Century America. The country is new and nobody has ever tried this kind of government before. The nation is under threat by it’s former rulers, the devilish Chelaxians, as well as threats within it’s own borders, including the Fey who are increasingly resisting the Andorans continued expansion, to former loyalists who want to return to the days of Chelaxian tyranny.

The party will be new arrivals in Andoran. Your party will be arriving by ship… passing through the inlet near the city of Alvis, where a statue of lady Alysande, also known as lady liberty, is being constructed. All you know is that your group has been hired by the Eagle Knights, the famous military order of Andoran. You approach the city of Alvis with trepidation as none of you have ever seen these shores. It’s uncertain why an order such as the Eagle Knights would have a use for you, a group of unseasoned but promising adventurers.

What will your future hold in this new nation?

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